Need an extra radio for a few days, or have a special event coming up?

We have a large inventory of rental radios available. Our inventory includes VHF, UHF and 800Mhz radios to fit just about any need you may have. We also carry the accessories to make your rental radios even more beneficial, including headsets, carry cases, and spare batteries.




A cell tower on wheels (COW) is used when there is a need for strong cell signals, but only on a temporary basis. Unlike standard towers, cell on wheel towers are highly portable and can be used on a short-term basis, since they are not constructed for permanence.

Emergency use — such as after a major storm or flood — is one common application. If a standard tower is damaged and requires repair, using a C.O.W. makes sense from a practical standpoint. However, these towers are also used during major occasions such as for the Super Bowl, media coverage of a big event, or a large parade or festival.Additionally, a cell on wheels setup can provide a temporary signal when a standard tower is being built — a process that isn’t always fast enough to keep up with consumer needs.

Depending on your needs, we have a variety of satellite phones available for rent with many capabilities including calls, two-way SMS/email, GPS, online tracking, one touch SOS buttons, and more.




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