Closed-circuit television-CCTV network is often needed in schools, emergency services, government building, or anywhere that that needs to protect property and people.

Security with Closed-circuit television-CCTV

Data with CCTV needs to be secure when concerning critical applications such as in a local government building or school. Often, to save costs, encryption is overlooked leaving open invitations to a data breach or security hack.  A security breach or hack is expensive to fix when you involve people and private information. When planning a network, this should be a deciding factor.

The University of Michigan published a paper1 in which they describe how they gained control of an entire traffic light system controlling almost 100 intersections in an unnamed Michigan city. The vulnerability came from the WiFi based backhaul used for the network which was found to be “visible from standard laptops and smart-phones” enabling the University to gain control quickly and easily.