Our complete family of point-to-point microwave radio systems covers a wide range of transmission rates, frequency bands and supported distances.

Microwave Broadband Distances

Microwave wireless (or licensed microwave) is a term most commonly used to refer to Point to Point (and in some rare cases Point to Multipoint) that falls in the frequencies anywhere between 6 – 46GHz. Microwave wireless is used for high-speed networks, CCTV backhaul, building to building connectivity, ISPs & operator backhaul or to give
connectivity to schools, parks, hospitals, hotels or shopping centers.

Microwave wireless falls between 6 – 46GHz which is mostly made up of restricted, private or government-only
frequencies hence why it is referred to as “Licensed Microwave”. By using microwave wireless capacity is increased up to 4Gbps, data transmission will be interference free and distances far exceed 5GHz ensuring enhanced link reliability and security.